Are you a Moon Gardener? Learn to Seed New Moon Intentions

Manifesting with the Moon’s cycles as a cosmic timer

dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished

conscious creators and deliberate manifestors. -Yasmin Boland

As the Moon travels through 8 phases each month, we have an opportunity to harness her energy and align our intentions for our own growth and sustenance with her many faces/phases. Setting intentions is best during the Dark or New Moon as then you can plant the seeds and watch them grow as the Moon waxes. We can then harvest and prepare for the next cycle at the Full and Waning Moon phases. It is the art of Moon Gardening and has been followed by Farmers and wise women throughout history/theirstory/ourstory.

As we travel through each month, we are also moving through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. What many people don’t realize is that if they are not aware of the very specific energies of each month’s zodiac, they might be actually working against themselves with the intentions they set. If the Moon phase and Zodiacal themes are considered when setting intentions, the probability of manifesting them is much greater.

As an example, when the New Moon is in Aries, it is a great time to set fitness goals and work on individual projects. A New Moon in Libra, on the other hand, would not be good for those types of goals, but rather is a time to focus on partnership and collaboration.

Another tip for supercharging your intentions is to know what house in your natal or birth chart the new moon falls in so you might also consider those themes when planting your seeds of intention. Being aware of which Zodiacal sign your natal Moon falls in (in addition to the house) and which Moon phase you were born under adds additional information and insight. Check out my video about how to do that here.

My Natal Moon is a waning gibbous and is in Sagittarius in the 10th House of career, reputation, knowledge, and public persona. Sagittarius includes themes of travel, adventure, foreigners and their cultures, higher learning, justice, seeking the meaning of life. The fiery sign of Sagittarius brings in a passion and enthusiasm to teach others how to connect with their own Moon energies and emotional landscapes. It is no surprise that I am a teacher of a collage process called “MoonCircles™” and life coach who supports others in navigating turbulent emotional waters.. Another interesting thing is that many astrologers have significant planets in Sagittarius. In our charts, the Moon is the place we feel safe and secure…our innermost feelings and private lives. It is the energies of deep emotions, home, and childhood. With my Moon being in Sagittarius, I am a deep feeler who wears my heart on my sleeve and travels the world seeking heart connections with those of different backgrounds and cultures. I have worked in the Deaf community, been active as an ally for the LGBTQ community, and married into a Jewish family, all foreign cultures to me. Fascinating, isn’t it?

In addition to knowing the placement of your Birth Moon, if you know where the current lunation (New or Full Moon) is in your chart, you can understand how the house She is in will flavor your experiences and help you clarify your intentions for the month. For example, the upcoming New Moon in Libra (Sept. 2021) will be in my 8th house of shadow work…So it can be a time of setting intentions around the theme of creating more balance and harmony (Libra themes) in my life by doing healing work around my triggers and wounds to enrich my relationships (a focus for Libra). See how it works?

If you journal and/or create art (I collage using MoonCircles™) for each New and Full Moon, you can look back over the year and see patterns. You can start to feel into the subtle energies and start “dancing with the Moon” and manifesting your intentions like never before.

Ritual can be a powerful way to support your Moon dancing. I create an altar each month, of -ten for both the New and Full Moons. The simple act of lighting a candle and reflecting on the past month can be powerful. A fire releasing ceremony right before the New Moon can help start the month with a clean slate. I write down what I want to release and burn them in an outdoor fire pit. You can do it in a firesafe container indoors as well…a wood-burning fireplace is ideal. You can also write what you want to release on pebbles and throw them in a moving body of water or write them on a canvas or piece of paper and paint over them.

So here are the main things to remember to make setting New Moon intentions your super power…

  • Have a releasing ceremony right before the New Moon to release the energies of the past month. You can actually have releasing rituals the entire time the Moon is waning.

  • Keep a journal and consider creating art around each month’s themes to deepen your connection with the Moon’s messages and your ability to understand the subtleties of her energies.

  • Know which Zodiacal sign, house, and phase your birth Moon is in

  • Understand what the Zodiac sign of each New Moon is and what themes and energies are associated with that sign.

  • Align your intentions with the Zodiacal themes to supercharge them.

I am hosting a Full Moon Temple gathering each month to honor and dance with the moon's energies. I will share that month’s themes, and we will create art to capture them and support your intentions. At our gathering, I will focus on the themes of both the Full and the previous New Moons so you can begin to integrate each Moon’s cycle’s gift. Please consider joining us in the Temple. Send me an email at for time/dates/fee etc. Until next time, Happy Moon Dancing!

Art created by Tamara Ryan Brody/Copper Moon Arts ©2021 All Rights Reserved

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