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Dancing with the Cosmos in Your Everyday

Did you know that the Cosmos can support your every day routines by creating flow instead of frustration? Each day is named after a specific planet and brings a certain energy that can help you focus your intentions and activities. These are some suggestions and some ways I incorporate each day’s specific “flavor” into my daily choices.

Sun/Day: Sunday is fun day! A day to be outside and commune with nature…It is a fabulous time to shine your light and be loud and proud. You can take up a lot of space and share your gifts and vitality with the world either socially in person or on social media or in your work. Praise and worship if that is your thing. Grow your confidence and step out of your comfort zone. Do something physical or throw a dinner party. Take a road trip and have a picnic. Most of all, be present to the moment and find joy in what you choose to do.

Moon/Day: Ironically, Monday is a powerful time to step away from busyness and technology and listen to your intuition. Usually, it is a day to return to work and its reputation is akin to a Mercury retrograde-nothing goes right. For those who are retired or can flex their schedules, it is important to program in some down time. It is a time to root into your sanctuary whether it is in nature or in your home. So if you do have to work, go for a walk at lunch or escape to the break room and read a favorite book with a favorite beverage in hand. If you can take the day off, the energies support being home and connecting with your family (the one you came from, the one you created, or the one you chose). Creating art, meditating, doing yoga, connecting with your emotions are potent practices for your day.

Mars/Day: Tuesday is a day to “get er done”…the planet Mars provides the energy, drive, and forward movement. Maybe this should be your first work day of the week…It is a day to focus on yourself and your goals. Work related projects or physical fitness are especially favored as is sex (and we thought Wednesday was “Hump Day”!). Practice assertiveness and work to reign in your strong emotions.

Mercury/Day: Wednesday is a day for corresponding with others, for study, for examining our thoughts and perspectives…It is also a day for socializing and being connected with friends, siblings, and neighbors. A mid-week game night perhaps? Scrabble might be especially good…Your intellect and how you communicate are the focal point for the day. Be sure that you said what they think you meant or that they perceive your intent

Jupiter/Day: Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism and rules Thursday. It is a great time for traveling and learning about other cultures. Higher education is favored as is stretching yourself in any way. Take bigger risks and have bigger adventures on this day. You might also carve out some time to consider your spiritual beliefs and practices and plan that trip overseas that you have always dreamed of. Be aware of excesses and addiction so that you don’t expand your waistline or substance abuse. Just sayin…

Venus/Day: My favorite day of the week is Friday…a day to invite pleasure and joy into your day. Venus is a lover of beauty and things you value as well as the joy of connecting with others at the heart. I love to go on hikes, invite friends over, go to art museums, create art…Wear beautiful things and focus on being sensual and pampering yourself with delicious food, flowers, bubble baths, a massage, skin treatment, etc. Friday is also a powerful day to work on your finances, as Venus is the energies of things you value of which money is one. Visit a financial planner, count your shekels, or set financial goals for the future. Most of all, invite in pleasure and joy on Friday. Let go and let down your hair and your inhibitions. Sounds like physical connection might be just what you need (especially if you didn’t get that opportunity on Tuesday…)

Saturn/Day: And that brings us to our last day of the week which is ruled by Saturn. It is no wonder why Saturday is the perfect day to do chores and run errands. It is a day of tending to the structures that keep your life in order, to show up consistently and do what you have to do, not necessarily what you want to do. It is a day to take responsibility and play by the rules…all the things that help us move forward and meet our goals. It actually is a good day to work or build or contribute to any kind of system that will support you…putting your appointments on the calendar or your pills in the pill box, for example. And when it feels like too much adulting and drudgery, you can look forward to fun day Sunday which is 24 hours or less away.

So as you can see, choreographing your week with the specific energies of each day will result in a flowing dance with the Cosmos instead of an awkward stumble and lurch through the week. Happy dancing!

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