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Spiritual Guidance Packages

Who are you? Where are you headed? What do you have to offer? What do you need to know?

Coaching Combo #1: Combine the following readings with extra prompts and discussion to help you identify your strengths and areas to develop and the energies of what you are dealing with: Rise Up and Wheel of Life alone with a Moving Forward reading. We will meet for three 90 minute sessions on Zoom and you will leave with actions steps and more clarity after each session. Value: $297 for $199


Coaching Combo #2: Combine a Rise Up reading with a What’s Up and a Moving Forward with extra prompts and discussion to help support you by empowering you and identifying your strengths and areas to work on and strategies for getting through what is happening in your life right now. Value: $297 for $199

Descriptions of the specialized readings described above can be found here.


Coaching Combo #3: In this Expressive Arts combo, I will teach you how to use MoonCircles™, JourneyCircles™, and SoulCollage® to deepen your connection with your intuition and help you express yourself creatively. I will guide you in creating your own Wise Self SoulCollage® Card as well as other collages related to the direction you want to move in, your tarot archetype card, your astrological sun and moon signs and how they can support you, and your inner child and what s/he needs.  Value: $297 for $199

You can pay with Venmo: CopperMoonArts or PayPal: You can pay directly or I will invoice you. Go to contact page and request an invoice. 



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