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Catherine McClelland's "The Star Tarot" is depicted. 

Rise Up

Who are you and how can you meet this moment with faith, courage, and conviction? This reading focuses on the numerological significance of your Life Path, Destiny, Heart's Desires, and Personality numbers as well as your Tarot Birth Archetype and Personal Year Archetype to empower you to rise up to any situation you are dealing with. 75-90 minutes/$99

What's Up?

What’s going on and what is going to happen next? How can you feel safer and more resourced in this new world? This is a reading that will assist you in thriving, not just surviving, by connecting you to your resilient Wise Self. You will learn a unique gift that you are being offered during these challenging time, as well as a guiding theme, and an Archetypal energy that is here for you to lean on for support. We will use tarot cards to help clarify where you are and where you want to end up as well as what you are challenged by, what action you can take, how connecting with your own inner wisdom will support you, and a guide for the journey . 75-90 minutes, $99

Wheel of Life

We all seek balance and the ability to express and enjoy many different aspects of our lives. In this reading you will gain insight about eight different areas and whether they need more attention for you to live from a place of stability and centeredness. The areas are health and wellness, passion and purpose, spirituality, romance, social, family and home, work/career, and leisure time. 75-90 minutes/$99

Solar Return/Birthday Reading


When the sun returns to exactly where it was at the moment you are born, it is your "Solar Return". This is a reading that celebrates your presence on the planet and the ushering in of a new year for you by focusing on the next 12 months.  In addition to guidance for each month of your next journey around the sun, a theme will be identified for your "New Year".  75-90 minutes $99

Saturn Return Reading

Saturn returns every 28-30 years and brings a time to reflect and regroup as you step into the next stage of your life. Guidance at this transformative time can really support you in the transition. It is vital to process and set intentions for your next Saturn orbit as it helps to determine the trajectory and quality of your next 30 years. 75-90 minutes, $99

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